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In recent years the number of people converting to a ‘clean’ lifestyle has grown significantly, seeing the trend transition from small-scale to having masses of followers, who are putting more consideration into the impact their choices have on the planet.

What started as purely clean eating has developed into a way of life, which could affect the clothes you wear, the food you eat and the skincare you choose.

While Cornwall is well known for food, understated skincare companies based in the county knew the benefits of organic beauty long before it became fashionable.

A pioneering brand in the natural skincare movement, Trevarno based in Helston, was established in 1998 and offers a range of natural and certified organic products.

Made for Life by Spiezia Organics.

Everything they sell is carefully made by hand, originally at the Trevarno Estate and now nestled at Trevarno Farm, where the coast and countryside are the inspiration for the Organic Trevarno skincare and soap range.

While in 1999, Truro based Spiezia Organics was the first UK company to achieve 100% organic certification across the entire collection from the Soil Association and has strived to help them create and enforce accreditation for beauty products in the UK ever since.

From the beginning, every single product was made by hand in Cornwall used herbs, flowers and oils from as close as quality would allow.

With the skin being the largest organ of your body, up to 2kg of chemicals can be absorbed through it each year just from toiletries and skin care products.

By choosing organic, the skin is absorbing only natural ingredients and you are supporting a more ecological way of life.

Organic Trevarno’s cult collection of soaps is leading the way for the traditional soap bar revival.

Bursting full of skin enriching and nurturing ingredients with a rich and creamy lather, the soaps are even gentle enough to be used as a facial cleanser.

Sarah McNish, manager at Trevarno, said: “Trevarno soaps were first produced after much research and the desire to revive the lost art of traditional soap making.

“Unlike mass produced alternatives, Trevarno soaps are all made with the same four base oils and butters (cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil) using the “cold” process where all of the natural glycerine remains in our soaps.

“Each one is scented with our own combination of essential oils and herbs.

“We regularly ‘invent’ new soap varieties to create new interest within the collection, something that we do as a “team” – currently we are trialing ingredients such as green tea, seaweed, sea salt and passion flower – watch this space for some new combinations.”

Their latest ‘chef’s soap’ follows hot on the heels of the brands popular chef’s hand wash and is a must for hard-working hands.

Made with moisturising base oils and butters, the chef’s soap has essential oils of sage and rosemary to provide a delicate fragrance as well as tea tree, chosen for its anti-septic qualities and then rounded off with zesty mandarin essential oil, designed to cut through lingering cooking odours.

Their best-selling, crabwood and lemongrass soap (75g – $3.50), combines the energising scent of lemongrass, rosewood and sage with crabwood oil, which is naturally high in skin-friendly vitamin E and has been used for centuries by South American tribal communities for its deep-cleansing and restorative benefits.

It was developed through Trevarno’s Rainforest Partnership, a programme to support and share knowledge with a South American tribal community in Guyana called the Macushi.

Another popular product is the rose and jojoba moisturiser (30ml – $15.50, 60ml – $22.00), which is packed full of organic ingredients known for their conditioning, rejuvenating and protective qualities including calendula, rose and jojoba oil – and it smells fantastic.

It also contains a blend of sesame and carrot oil also which is rich in beta-carotene and vitamins B, C, D and E, making it excellent for skin that is prematurely ageing, inflamed, damaged or scarred.

Innovative recent work by Spiezia, has opened doors to cancer patients who were previously unable to have spa treatments due to insurance restrictions.

A three-day course developed with advice from trained oncology massage teachers, advisors within the oncology team at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and also wrinkle Macmillan, teaches specialists how to perform the therapy.

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Spiezia offers a range of products for mums, face and body skincare, well-being, mindfulness, acne and eczema.

A cult product, which has been interpreted by a number of different brands, is the daily radiance facial cleansing balm.

It contains clove and eucalyptus, which detoxify whilst jojoba regulates sebum and coconut oil softens, soothes and melts away impurities leaving you balanced, happy and radiant.

Its cleansing properties even help to remove impurities and dissolves make-up and waterproof mascara.

Their skin solve balm helps calm a multitude of problems.

Calendula macerated in olive oil, with St John’s Wort and rose help soothe many sensitive skin irritations including eczema, rashes and dry skin.

The all-purpose balm is also wonderful for soothing sunburn, insect bites and stings, chapped skin, nappy rash and inflamed skin.

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